TO:                  Community of Strasburg

FROM:             Strasburg Metro Parks & Rec District Board of Directors

DATE:              October 27, 2014

RE:                   4E vs. 4F Information

The Board of Directors of the Strasburg Metro Parks and Recreation District would like to address concerns regarding duplication in Ballot Questions 4E and 4F.

The thought behind placing both questions on the ballot was to offer voters a CHOICE between a lesser amount of tax increase for only the Rec Center expansion (4E), or a larger amount of tax increase for both the Rec Center expansion AND park improvements (4F).  

Unfortunately, election laws do not allow the Board to use language such as “either/or,” so this redundancy may appear as though property taxes are intended to be duplicated, which is NOT the case.

Even if both 4E AND 4F pass, the District can ONLY utilize the authority granted by 4F, since the description of facility improvements in 4E is already part and parcel of 4F. Even if both 4E and 4F are passed, the cost improvements to the Rec Center, though approved twice, cannot be duplicated as costs, since each vote of approval is for approval of the exact same Rec Center, not two different recreation centers.

Even if 4E and 4F are both approved, the maximum estimated tax increase (4D + 4F) = $141.48* per year, or $11.79* per month.

Strasburg Parks & Rec hosted a series of community meetings and focus groups to create a Strategic Plan for the District. As a result, we have finalized plans for the Community Recreation Center Expansion and Park Improvements. To fund this project, the District Board of Directors has voted unanimously to ask the community for a property tax increase this November.  

There are three (3) questions on the November ballot:

  • 4D: Operations & Maintenance for the proposed improvements = $2.65 per month*
  • 4E: Expansion of the Recreation Center = $7.22 per month* OR
  • 4F: Expansion of the Recreation Center AND Park Improvements = $9.14 per month*

The proposed Community Recreation Center expansion will increase the size of the building from its current 3,000 square feet to 23,000 square feet. But this is more than your traditional Recreation Center! This COMMUNITY rec center expansion will allow for new programming space to emphasize the importance of art, music, and dance. It will give our teens and senior citizens a place to gather. It will provide a child watch area for parents that want to exercise. This COMMUNITY center will create a recreational hub for the I-70 Corridor. 


Questions? Contact the Committee Chair, Pat Lamari. Brought to you by the Citizens to Improve Strasburg, sponsored by Friends of Strasburg Parks & Rec.

*Estimated monthly taxes are based upon property taxes for $200,000 homes. For items 4E and 4F, the estimated monthly taxes are based upon general obligation debt amounts re-paid over 25 years, at an interest rate of 3.5%.  

Ballot Question 4F, includes the expansion of the Community Rec Center AND implementation of the Parks Master Plan, to include, but not limited to:

  • Spray / Splash Park
  • Relocation of Softball Field
  • Playground Renovations
  • Basketball Court / Skate Park
  • Restroom / Concessions Facility
  • Improved Trails & Walkways
  • Picnic Shelters
  • And Much More!



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