“Never let the fear of striking out…” In addition to our 40th Anniversary, 2014 was a tremendous year for our District! Facility usage and program enrollment was at an all-time high. The continued demand for facilities and activities have led us to look ahead at what we can do NOW to ensure that we do not have to discontinue programs and turn away participants because of lack of space. With funding from Adams and Arapahoe Open Space grants, we were able to create solutions and unveil new and exciting plans that will take YOUR recreation district to the next level!

The excitement surrounding the plans for a new and improved Rec Center and significant improvement to the Parks, led us to seek a ballot initiative that would make the plans a reality. Unfortunately, the initiatives were narrowly defeated. Despite the disappointing election results, we remain committed to providing excellent programs and activities for this community and are more resolved than ever to see the plans become a reality.

With that being said, we will once again pursue a ballot initiative in November 2015. In the meantime, we want to hear from you! If you or anyone you know has questions or concerns about the proposed Rec Center expansion and Park improvements, please contact us today so that we can eliminate any concerns and garner your support. This is the next step in our existence and we want YOU to be a part of the solution!

Questions? Concerns? Please get the facts! Contact me today, Angie Graf, District Manager, (303) 622-4260.


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